Can government allowed free marketing for rice?

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I want to know about the free marketing for rice in Pakistan. Can government allowed free marketing for rice in Pakistan? Please help me about it.

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     The Standing Committee assembly on rice paddy for the year 2011-12 was held and it has proposed that confidential subdivision be sanctioned to without hesitating run in selling of rural real estate produce. However, Government may regulate if any market exploitation takes position in the open market. API Chairman Mussadaq Muhammad Khan presided over the meeting. The assembly was very valued and joined by rice growers, growers associations of the all provinces, Chambers of Agriculture, Ewan-e-Zarat and Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Agriculture.

    Federal and Provincial staff of the Government of Pakistan and Ministries agreement with agriculture subdivision mostly rice. It was in addition talked about in the assembly that growers may toughly agitate in resistance to the imposition of any tax or duty when there is no funding being paid on rural real estate inputs. The components implored that the Govt. should assure accessibility of worth greatest inputs like fertilizers, germ, pesticides etc at any cost.

    The assembly deduced its 3 days assembly on 6th April, 2011 after due deliberation of the task force, that formulated a sketch of the future agriculture guideline of the universal subjects pertaining to greatest plants for yield thereby focusing on sustenance security. The assembly deduced with the formation of a task force to submit its terminal recommendations to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture by the end of Rabi Crops.

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