Can masturbation affect or stunt my growth?

by Guest4909  |  9 years, 1 month(s) ago

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I have been masturbating since i was twelve years and now it is like i am addicted because i can't stop and i am also having pains allover my body especially headache and neck pain.
Is this caused by the masturbation and i also wanna stop because i think it stunting my growth.

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  1. Guest6749
    Masturbation most definitely does *not* stunt your growth; it is normal and healthy, and most pubescent boys and adult men m********e regularly, even if they have intercourse regularly. Pubescent boys typically m********e the most, sometimes even several times a day.

    You can take my word for it; I started when I was 12, and trying to stop masturbating is very difficult and frustrating. Instead, just relax and enjoy it, even if you find you want to do it every day. Headaches and neck pains could be the result of how you m********e, or they could be caused by something else; don't be embarrassed to ask a doctor about it.

    When you m********e, lay on your back in bed and try to relax. Take your time, and focus on the sensations rather than trying to o****m as quickly as possible. Using a lubricant also makes masturbation easier and more pleasurable; I recommend hand lotion, though saliva works in a pinch. If you like to m********e in the shower, try sitting or laying down while you do so, and use soap and water.

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