Can my child travel alone from Lufthansa?

by Guest3354  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I want know can my child travel alone from Lufthansa. Does anyone know about that?

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  1. Guest1270
    When purchasing your ticket, you must declare that your child will be travelling alone. You will then receive a small yellow shoulder bag which your child must carry and keep clearly visible during the journey. Please put all necessary travel documents in the bag. For example:

    Airline ticket or print out of the etix reservation and the supervision form
    Valid passport/child’s identity card Visa for destination country
    Travel insurance certificate
    Information on allergies
    Receipt for pre-paid fees for the care service, if applicable
    Declaration of consent from parents/legal guardians that their child may travel unaccompanied
    necessary in every case
    necessary depending on destination country

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