Can single women stay single for rest of her life

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Can single women stay single for rest of her life

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  1. Guest61476

     There is absolutely no question that if someone sincerely chooses to stay single for the rest of their days, they would be more than capable of doing so. The question is however, whether that is what someone would actually want. 

    Humans by nature are social creatures, as reflected in our desire for social acceptance and how our families are structured. Finding a partner and expanding our families are a natural function of our species and that desire to do so is the reason we have progressed as far as we have.

    If you are single, it is important to never be discouraged. Never lose confidence and faith in yourself as well as your ability to be loved and be perfect for someone. If you want love, just believe that you can find it and that you will. Do not force it and best of luck.

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