Can you please change the name of the show to: "Let's find out, why do you suck so bad?"

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This is regarding show aired on April 28, 2011 - "Tehrik-e-Insaaf Dharna - Media Coverage"

Please stop destroying the positive energy and positive intentions by discussing the silly points that how many people were showed up during Tehrik-e-Insaf dharna, and critized all other matters. In this program you just criticized, just to  prove that this program is completely independent. This country need revolutionary way of talk shows, not like yours where you only criticize. It doesn't matter who is sitting in front of you, but your way of bringing all negative aspects is killing the hunger in people what wants to do something.
For God sake and if you love this country which I am sure you do, then at this moment just talk about good deeds and actions, so people have some encouragements, rather discussing allegations and what other people says. You are not helping this country, you are destroying it. You are demoralizing few people who wants to listen Imran and wants to come out to help this country. Don't make this program a "Gossip Show" or "Let's find out, why do you suck so bad" way of talk show.

Please help this country since you have a power of media, don't waste it. Media is the last hope and it is killing us. We have higher expectation so please do not lose it. When some one put daring effort in this situation, then you should give him a little benefit of doubt if he or they made unintentional mistake.

In last, you have to play one sided, even if you are a media if it is in the interest of this country. Do not play independent here, because the strength of evil force we have here, cannot be fought by playing safe. In history people used propaganda to distroy things and achieve their own agendas. This time we need to use "propaganda" to save this country. But you guys go by "the book of media/journalism". We need out of the box thinking.

This is just my views and I have no intentions to disrespect anyone.

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  1. Guest4540

     Very well said. But please dont use words like s***. In that programme I Khan said that its difficult to manage volunteers. But these anchor, this is their job and this is what they are paid for. They can just talk but no actions.(baatain bari bari kartaey hain) they have to maintain their programme ratings thats why they do such kind of discussions. They do what their producers says. So just forget about their nationalism. There is no doubt about their patriotism about Pakistan but people when they cant do anything they just become an anchor and start demoralising the nation and increase ratings.

    Talat Bhai, My advice to you is that dont be so commercial and critical all the time. I've started a small school just following I khan's NAMAL. so there are many people who are doing apni madad aap by following IKhan to change the country's future.

    Being an anchor you have alot of power just you use it in positive way and encourage the Nation not by criticising by advising.


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