Can you please suggest me the best ways to apply windows 7 theme to XP?

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I am a big fond of experiencing and doing new things, as I love doing fun with windows themes. I am using windows XP for the past few years and I never missed a chance to change my windows themes to any other windows that launches in the market. I have now heard that Windows 7 has been launched and it offers one of the most attractive themes than there were ever in any other window. I have downloaded windows 7 themes for XP, but it is not installing in XP. It even gets installed at times, but then the application does not work for the themes. Please help me out and tell me how to apply windows 7 theme in XP. I’ll appreciate your efforts.

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  1. Guest9470

    There are different many ways to install themes of windows 7 to windows XP. One among them is the option you are trying to apply; that is to download the windows 7 themes, extract them and simply install them on your windows XP operating system. But unfortunately, most of the times, it happens that the file you download from internet or via CD does not carry complete files to run the application properly. This may be one of the reasons of your failure. The best thing is to go for some trusted site or CD and trying installing it again. If still the problem prevails, you should rather copy theme files from windows folder of windows 7 and paste it straight away into the themes folder of windows XP through windows folder. I hope that you will be able to get through this problem easily now.


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