Can you tell me about indonesia

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Can you tell me about indonesia

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  1. Victor Strong

     Indonesia is a scenic and culturally rich country located in Southeast Asia near both Australia and Malaysia. Classified as an archipelago, the nation is comprised of over 17,000 islands and is one of the most populated countries in the world (4th).

    Beyond what you can find on Wikipedia, I have personal experience with the country. Amongs things worth knowing I can tell you that the food is spicy and very much Asian in nature. This means that many dishes are noodle and rice based with chicken, seafood and beef all being prominently used.

    Indonesia is mostly a Muslim country and features unique wildlife on the islands of Sumatra and Komodo. It is also one of smartphone maker BlackBerry's biggest world markets, serving as a testing ground for many new products. The capital city is Jakarta and English is quite widely spoken. The national language is native and known as Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesians I have met are pleasant and it is a great place to visit, with Bali being well known.   

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