Can you tell me about the residence of Justin Bieber where he currently resides?

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As Justin Bieber has a number of fans around the world, I am also one among them. I have been searching a wide range of material to get to know exactly about Justin Bieber, but I could not find enough information about him. As I love Justin bieber and I want to meet him personally, so, I need to know his address, so that I can visit him. Can you please help me get to know his address? Your help will lead me straight away to his residence for some gossip. I will be quite thankful to you for this act of kindness. Thanking you in advance.

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  1. Guest7826

    Well, there are different stories and rumors about the residence of Justin Bieber. Well, he is primarily from Stratford (Ontario – Canada), and he spent much part of his life there. He is currently living in Buckhead, which is a wealthy part of Atlanta (Georgia – United States of America). If you are looking for more help and latest updates about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, their love and romances, you can search it online. I hope that this information will help you get through this question. Also, I would suggest you not to rely on any other source, because most of his enemies and some of his fans are trying to spread rumors about him. But, it is confirm that he is now living in Atlanta, Georgia at America. Good luck!


  2. Guest1026

    what is hes address??????

  3. Guest5352

     His address is open to all every one knows that where he is living but you are not allowed to enter into his house just like that. And beside he is a busy kid and has to attend different places and have to meet different people so you can't find him at home. He is one naughty kid trust me. 

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