Cannibals arrested in Pakistan?

by Guest3619  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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Is it true that cannibals exist in Pakistan, has police arrested any cannibals recently, i would like to verify this news. Please help me know the details.

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  1. Guest4498
    It came as a shock to the residents of the remote Kohar Kalan village, that two cannibal brothers were living among them. The two cannibal brothers, both in their 40's were feeding on freshly buried corpses. Their reality became public, when they stole the dead body of 24 year old women, from grave near the town of Darya Khan, in Punjab.  Parents of the deceased women informed police, about the missing body of their daughter. The dead body was later on recovered from the house of two cannibal brothers, stuffed in a sack with one leg missing. They were arrested on Monday and have confessed their crime of being human flesh eaters.

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