Career Opportunities in Advertising Agencies of India

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Hi, my younger son is very talented and he wants to join advertising agencies of India, could you tell me some information about career opportunities in advertising agencies of India, please help me, thanks.

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     In the current situation, the consumer is constantly influenced by advertising of some sort or the other. Product manufacturers utilize this strategy extensively to capture the attention of prospective customers and push sales of their commodities. It is not a surprise that the Advertising Industry is constantly growing and producing jobs for highly skilled people who can think out-of- the-box and come up with unique, innovative ideas. Advertising agencies are those independent organizations that support companies to touch base with their consumers and put their message across using the various modes of media like Print, Radio, Television, and the Internet.

    Both big and small Advertising Agencies find creative and goal driven individuals to join their team at different levels. The aim  of every agency remains the same, and that is to build a remarkable ad campaign for their client, one that meets their overall marketing objectives, fits within their budget and leaves an effect on the audiences for a long time to come, thus, pushing sales of products  and services. Advertising Agencies usually prefer those candidates who have a creative bend of mind, can think separately but work well in teams.

    If you are interested in choosing a career in advertising, you must be highly goal driven and work perfect in stress. This is because the advertising industry is very competitive; you must be willing to offer your best at all times to achieve a successful career. Few career opportunities in the advertising agencies f India are: account planner, executive, copywriter, visualizer, creative art director, animator, multimedia expert, photographer, painter, TV producer, media planner, web developer jobs, web planner, and marketing professional.

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