Career opportunities in the fashion industry

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I am a student of O levels and aiming to adopt the career of fashion designer in future. I need to know some details about career opportunities in the fashion industry.

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  1. Jennifer

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     "At present, there are several latest fashion design careers accessible in the market. Some of the well liked latest fashion design careers that you should pursue for are mentioned below:

    Visual Merchandise Designers: The prime responsibility of a Visual Merchandise designer is to design window exhibitions, devising shop merchandise, conceiving props and accents, coordinating apparel placement, styling mannequins, and leading advertising campaigns.

    Fashion Designers: Those employed as fashion designer experts are normally worked to conceive designs for apparel and attires. Many of them work with well liked fashion designers while other ones are organizing their own fashion emblems.

    Set Designer: As the title shows, set designers are mainly worked to form the concept designs required for videos, TV sets and theatre productions. Their concepts and productions should be in queue with what the script or the director needs. Many set designers make exclusive set design for trade displays and museums.

    Interior Designer: The major aim of interior designers is to flawlessly blend pattern with function. Their prime task is to present interior notions that will boost the attractiveness, security and functionality of a specific space or area. Interior designers work in a lot of patterns encompassing retail shops, residential homes, offices, clinics, inns, and numerous more."

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