Careers in Agriculture sector of India

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I want to write an informative essay on Careers in Agriculture sector of India, for writing this essay I need some information, please provide me some information related to agriculture industry of India , thanks in advance.

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     India is ranked as one of the prominent agricultural countries in the world. Agriculture performs an important role in controlling the state of Indian economy. The effect of agriculture is not only on the production of food grains, vegetables and fruits, but on several agriculture dependent industries which obtain their raw material from agriculture industry. In present years, the condition of agriculture has improved a lot and it has began using state of art farming strategies, genetically improved seeds and cross bred types for high production. Indian Agricultural sector performs a vital role in the economic development of the country. It adds 29.4% of GDP. With the passage of time significant measures have been made in agricultural production related to food security.

    Agriculture is the mainstay of Indian economy. It gives food to millions and raw material to the country industries. India also has sufficient potential as an exporter of agricultural products. The variety of climatic types and natural conditions provides a suitable environment for the cultivation of a large variety of agricultural commodities. Work in agricultural sectors usually related with totally academic pursuits of research along with the teaching to inspection and other supervisory work to commercial activities of establishing farms, for instance plantations, orchards and carrying on exports of produce from them. With the passage of time agriculture has become highly scientific, sophisticated and mechanized and as a result it gains the fame as a profitable field. Horticulture, dairying and poultry farming are connected agricultural activities that have become economically viable opportunities currently.

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