“Carmageddon”,“Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa” and “Newport Beach hotels,”

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Yes, it is true that the Los Angles is breaching for a two day closure of the 405 free way cross a 10 mile stretch. This irritating event to the people living by that area is named as “Carmageddon”. Mayor already has announced some special procedural relief steps to be followed to avoid such irritation for two days. Newport hotels have announced special discounted rooms with complementary breakfast and many other things along with.

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    “Carmageddon” is the nick name given to the closure to the 405 freeway over a 10 mile stretch. The free way will be closed on 16th of July 2011 and 17th. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa during a talk show discussion told that people should at maximum stay in their homes and if there is a need to be out then use motorcycles or walk to your destination.

    And such things are at times not easy to manage so there need to be some sort of permanent solution for such a catastrophic event. People should be educated parlor that how to help them in such event and what can be possible way out for things to be caught in.

    Celebrities have also been asked to help government in removing tease and engage people in other activities and there are big names likes Erik Estrada are making it real.

    People just need to understand that it is a normal closure just for two days starting from 15 evening 2011 and they should realize this that there is nothing like carmageddon its all normal and people are more educated so they know what is good and best.

    New Port hotels are coming up with some best deals of the year and they are planning something real fascinating for the travelers. Travel marketing executives seized and have come up with package deals launching an advertisement for their hotels and resorts. 6 of the major hotels are in this deal which they signed and most of this weekend they will be offering discounted deals which include from 40 % off, complimentary breakfast, hotels are mostly bundling perks, as opposed to strictly discounted stays. They are advertising that people who will be visiting on Friday night should stay and enjoy the weekend.

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