Ceiling Fan light keeps on blinking

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I have hunter ceiling fan with remote and light (not sure what model - don't see it). When I turn it on the wall switch, the light  keep on blinking and the fan is turning slowly. The remote has no effect. What is the problem?

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  1. BaltoBob

    I have removed the Part No. 98480-02 and NOW the light works fine.

  2. paafamily
    Often times you will find a spin switch on the side of the fan. This spin switch may be a dimmer switch, a three position switch, or a simple on off switch. Sometimes this switch if a dimmer is left dimmed down but when it heats up it stays on. Sometimes this spin or pull switch has a bad connection at the switch points.

    Way to test this switch to be the problem is to open the fan cowling and bypass the switch by wire nutting the wires together between the power to that switch and the wire to the light fixture.

    Often times a wire nut is with a loose connection inside this fan also.

    Often times the wires connected in the cone at the ceiling has a loose connection also. One wire often runs the fan and one wire often runs the lights in that cone at the light box.
  3. Guest5501
    Exactly the same issue with same fan and remote. Please post back your fix if you get one.
  4. Guest3682
    Sorry Leonardo, that is a bullshit response.

    I have the same problem, will find the answer and report back.
  5. Guest52
    hunter fans suck
  6. Guest9910
    Receiver for remote control of light goes bad over time.  To bypass this defective component.  Take the light kit off (3 screws) and unplug the modular plug.
    Trace wires from lights back to a small box in the light kit containing electronic components (you can see circuit board, capacitors etc - in my case this was part # 98480-02). This is what will be bypassing or replacing.  In my case the fan did not come with a remote, so I removed & bypassed this box. (white wire to white, red wire to black.  Light now works fine, no blinking.
  7. Guest5642

    Worked for me...  my board had a bad capacitor (all nice pregnant)


     Receiver for remote control of light goes bad over time. To bypass this defective component. Take the light kit off (3 screws) and unplug the modular plug. Trace wires from lights back to a small box in the light kit containing electronic components (you can see circuit board, capacitors etc - in my case this was part # 98480-02). This is what will be bypassing or replacing. In my case the fan did not come with a remote, so I removed & bypassed this box. (white wire to white, red wire to black. Light now works fine, no blinking


  8. Guest5630

    Wow - countless forums with this question and this was the only one with the correct answer! Guest19656576 hit the nail on the head. There is a small part in the light kit of the fan connected to the lighting circuit. The part is relatively common to these fans and is most likely in yours as well. The sticker on the side of it shows model 98480X part number 98480-02. Clip the leads to remove this part and wire-nut the wires back together bypassing it (black/red to black and white to white). This will get your unit back to normal and the switches will still work. I spoke with Hunter and this part has nothing to do with the remote control features of the fan. It is a wattage limiter. If you attempt to put bulbs into the fan that are higher than the recommended wattage this unit steps the voltage down to prevent overheating and possible electrical issues. Removing it will not prevent the fan from functioning but you should be aware that it is in there by federal regulation requirement and without it you could risk electrical failure or fire if you put bulbs in that are too high a wattage. If you call the manufacturer to report the issue they will send you a new lighting housing for your unit which will have a new limiter in it and solve your issue as well. In my case I needed the light working so I bypassed it then requested the part. In the meantime I just made sure that the bulbs I was using were well within spec. In my case the limiter was just on the light, but depending on the model or how the wires were nutted together by your electrician if the fan was also nutted on after this device it would certainly have issues as your bulbs would now be limited to the total wattage of the bulbs and fan combined. Hope this helps all!

  9. Guest9756

    Thanks very much, Guest21912699. I pulled out the offending part as you recommended and my lights are working fine now. I am using the correct wattage bulbs - which you're mostly bound to with the candleabra-size sockets. I pulled the circuit board out of the part and sure enough, the sole capacitor has the dome of death. I don't understand why a company with Hunter's reputation and lifetime warranty would skimp a few cents to put in a cheap capacitor versus a quality capacitor which would last. It costs them dollars in the long run to fix a simple problem that they could've avoided by doing it right the first time.

    A few months ago I had a similar issue with a View[sub]Sonic computer monitor. I simply replaced six cheap capacitors at a cost of about $5.50 with some help from Tom's Hardware web site. The monitor has been working flawlessly since the repair. ViewSonic does not include lifetime warranties, so it was either replace the monitor for $150+ or fix it for just a few bucks.

  10. Guest7267

    Thank you.  I bypassed part no: 98480-02 and that solved the problem.

    Guess I cracked the Divinci Code.

  11. Guest528

    DaVinci code is cracked for sure!!  We had the same blinking lights problem (after lights on ceiling fan worked fine for almost a year after installation), plus the lights hesitated for a second when wall switch was turned on (which started from the beginning after installation). Removing the watt limiter (governor) part # 98480-02 and reconnecting wires solved the blinking lights on our ceiling fan perfectly, PLUS the light does not hesitate coming on once the walll switch is flipped anymore.  Thanks for the help...just be sure not to exceed the light bulb wattage for your unit. We have a Hunter ceiling fan with light; model # 23281 which states that the light kit cannot exceed a combined 190 the 3 bulbs @ 60 watts each are fine.

  12. Guest8904

    Thank you!  I was about to replace my Hunter ceiling fan/light all together (due to blinking lights) until I stumbled upon this blog.  I simply took out part # 98480-02 as recommended, and it's working better than ever! 

  13. Guest6626

     I had this exact same problem with my Hunter fan and took the recommended action indicated above.  Just as indicated, I removed the capacitor marked "98480-02", applied white wire to white wire and red wire to black wire and the lights worked perfectly afterwards!  I bought a Hunter fan believing they would be better quality, and I am disappointed that after only about a year, I had to go through this to have a working light on my fan.  Definitely will remember for my next fan purchase.  Thanks to the people above for the information!!!!  

  14. Guest9075

    Same problems as everyone else....same solution.

    Thanks for the help.


  15. Guest3843

    Ditto on the problem and the solve.  I love the internet and I love that people help other people!


  16. Guest2001

    Great advice !!!!! I was surprised, the best understanding i have of electricity is that i stay away from it and hopefully it stays away from me. I removed the  98480X part number 98480-02. componet every thing works fine. Thank you

  17. Guest755

    This solution worked for us also. We live an hour and a half from a Lowes or Home Depot so we have been without a great room light for about 3 weeks. We were going tomorrow to buy a new light/ceiling fan so I was shopping online, then the idea crossed my mind to type in the problem and "BAM" there it was with a quick and easy solution! Love the internet!

  18. Guest2078

    Thanks for the info...just did it myself.  Works like a charm.

  19. Guest1226

     I have a Casablanca Academy Series ceiling fan and light (purchased mid-July 2011).  The light worked one evening, maybe two.  I next used it in mid-August and found the light turned on for 2 to 4 seconds and mysteriously turned off.  This happened regardless of using the wall switch or the light chain.  I contacted Casablanca and they said I needed to work with my local dealer.  Fortunately, the semi-retired repairman knew exactly the issue and it turned out to be the Hunter 98480X (98480-03).  Prior to his visit, the repairman asked me to take out 2 of the 3 40 watt bulbs that came with the ceiling fan but I still had the same problem.  After he removed the 98480X, the problem was solved.  The 98480X says it is rated up to 300 watts.  

    I will think twice about buying Hunter and even Casablanca for including junk components in their light assemblies.  A quick Google search shows this is a common issue and I found people asking questions as far back as 2008.  As far as I am concerned, neither Casablanca or Hunter should require their customers to make this kind of repair without at least minimally offering to ship a replacement light assembly.  Yes, the repair is not difficult but customers should be able to expect more from these brands.  The only concern I have now is if a person uses bulbs of the wrong type (maybe the next homeowner) raising a fire hazard so, even though the problem is immediately solved, I still have to go through the hassle of getting a replacement part or light assembly from Casablanca and hope it doesn't have the same 98480X part.

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