Celebration of Australia Day in 2011

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My friend wants to know about the Australian Day celebrations that took place this year at the beaches in the country.

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  1. Guest3168
    The Australian Day on the 26th January in 2011 had been dedicated to flood relief collections by event organizers from all over the country. Australians across the nation joined together in another wonderful Australia Day celebrating achievements as a nation and resilience in the face of the recent natural disasters.
    13,000 new citizens were welcomed to national community of Australia, 363 Australia Day Ambassadors participated in events in 402 local communities across the continent. 780 local councils and committees presented celebrations in virtually all towns across the nation, 3 major television programs reached into homes across the nation and Australia Celebrations were broadcast in 74 foreign nations. It was wonderful that so many of the event organizers arranged for flood relief collections to be taken at their events.

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