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My mom wants to have a stylist hair cut, she was inquiring about the most popular celebrity haircuts 2010. Please help me while finding the best regarding my query.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Please see some of the best celebrity haircuts of your choice:

    Jennifer Aniston

    It is a benchmark that Jennifer Aniston's hair has influenced American hair style for many years. And now, with long, sun-kissed layers, Aniston's hair is still flourishing with high recognition and acceptance.

    Halle Berry

    When we talk about the short hair, pixie cut, no one can cope up with the uniqueness like Halle Berry. The holly wood artist's hair style is short on the sides with a little more length on the top, making her tresses room to curl.

    Carey Mulligan

    Holly wood’s new rising versatile actress, Carey Mulligan, a new rising-star, has also introduced a lot of attraction to a short, pixie-like cut - in a straighter look. Mulligan has presented the haircut as both a blonde and a brunette."

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