Chanel is transported into the marine world

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Chanel is transported into the marine world

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    The Grand Palais, located on the famous Champs- Elysées in Paris was the place chosen by Chanel for Fashion Show 2011.

    This time the parade was inspired by marine life, with a stage decorated with shells, seaweed, fish and seahorses.

    The designer noted that the forms used are among the oldest on earth, but were restated with modern inspiration. " To achieve this," he said, "there are diving with our imagination."

    Karl Lagerfeld, designer of the brand, said he did not want his designs were complicated because in everyday life can not be used.

    The designs were showcased on the catwalk were a different style than normally handled Lagerfeld. Lighter fabrics like silk were shown, with predomintes tone colors like green pearly white, pink and pale yellow.

    The models wore a natural look, with slicked hair and makeup in light colors.


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