Chica Almodovar 's muse of Woody Allen again

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Chica Almodovar 's muse of Woody Allen again

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    Penelope Cruz will participate in the new Woody Allen movie called The Bop Decameron, is filmed in some well-known places like the Campidoglio in Rome, according to Italian media reported.

    Penelope Cruz and AlmodÃ_var

    Penelope has trabajadao 4 times with Spanish director Pedro AlmodÃ_var too. 1997 Live Flesh, All About My Mother in 1999, the film that launched internationally, Back 2006 Broken Embraces 2009.

    She was the actress with whom AlmodÃ_var has filmed more movies. And director Penelope has referred to as " Best Actress with a director can work. "

    Allen 's new muse

    In 2008 was the first time the director of romantic comedies, Woody Allen, Penelope worked with in the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. With this interpretation received a Goya for Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

    For the 2012 film The Bop Decameron, second appearance of the actress with Allen planned. This is the return of Penelope after her pregnancy.

    The couple in the film Cruz Roberto Benigni who will remember you for your address actuaciÃ_ny Life Is Beautiful 1997.

    Critics have said that Allen has lost its essence for romantic comedies, the director is the only Hollywood hits 1 film per year from 1966 to date, but some go unnoticed. Even experts commented that the depth of the issues is not as fine as in the 70's.

    Woody Allen is one of the icons of world cinema and the previous collaboration of Penelope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​he was great with the review, we will have to wait for 2012 to see if the folic, success formula is repeated.

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