Child protective services careers

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I am about to complete my O levels, now I am planning to adopt child protective services career in future. I need to know some career opportunities in child protective services careers?

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  1. Jennifer

     "There is a lot of scope in the field of child protective services careers. A short list of child protective services careers available in the market is as follows:

    • Independent Reviewing Officer (Child Protection)

    • Qualified Social Workers South West Children & Families Teams

    • Conference Secretary (Children's Services)

    • Practice Consultant (child Protection)

    • Permanent Social Worker - South East London

    • Qualified Social Worker- Childrens- East Anglia

    • Family Court Advisor

    • Qualified Social Worker - Family Court Advisor

    • Strong Child Protection Qualified Social Workers needed- Hampshire

    • Family Court Advisers required for South Coast

    • Team Manager Case Auditing, Mentoring, Children and Families

    • Child Protection – Qualified Social Worker"

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