Cody Simpson reaches 1 million Twitter followers

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It was trending that Cody Simpson reaches 1 million twitter followers. I have never heard the name before that who is Cody Simpson and from which country he is. I am looking for the detail of the guy Cody Simpson, please give me details of it, I am waiting for it. Thanks and please give quick answer to it.

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    Cody Robert Simpson is an Australian pop singer, songwriter from Gold Coast, Queensland, who is currently signed to U.S. record label Atlantic Records. He released his debut single, "iYiYi" which features American rapper Flo Rida, on 15 May 2010. It was digitally released on 30 May 2010. The music video for "iYiYi" was released on 30 June 2010. The music video for Simpson's second single, "Summertime", was released on 20 September 2010. On 4 December 2010, it was broadcast on Simpson's authorized website that an EP deserving 4 U would be issued through iTunes on 21 December 2010. The EP encompasses five tracks in total, four of them being before unreleased. Simpson is actually working on tracks for an imminent album on Atlantic Records.

    Aussie teen Cody Simpson has just achieved a massive milestone; he has reached 1 million followers on Twitter.

    Cody reached the landmark number a few hours ago and Congrats Cody have been trending since he hit the magic number.

    Cody tweeted, "I love you all. I honestly wouldn't be able to have started without you all, this is just the beginning. #1MillionAngels".



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