Coldplay files response to copyright case

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Coldplay files response to copyright case

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  1. Amit bang
    British group Coldplay has denied plagiarizing a song from an American rock guitarist on their hit single "Vida La Vida," court documents showed.

    The Grammy-winning band had already issued a statement in December refuting claims made by Jo Satriani last year that they had copied sections of his single "If I Could Fly" for their hit.

    In a formal response filed in federal court in Los Angeles late Monday, the group said Satriani's song "lacked originality" and is undeserving of copyright protection.

    Satriani, known for his instrumental compositions, has alleged "Viva la Vida" had "copied and incorporated substantial original portions" from "If I Could Fly," which was recorded on an album released in 2004.

    In a statement last year, Coldplay insisted "any similarities between our two pieces of music, they are entirely coincidental, and just as surprising to us as to him."

    Satriani's lawsuit demands damages and "any and all profits" related to the alleged copyright infringement.

    No court date has been set for Satriani's lawsuit.

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