Companies must venture into social networking

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Companies must venture into social networking

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    The most delas problemacon business strategies on the use of social media as an expert, is quesimplemente sonanti - social, and this in turn llevaala " ceguerasocial ", and above all, to fell given in the general marcaen loyalty.

    Briansolis, media analyst, believes that corporate efforts to break into the media socialesson scarce and uninformed about the reality that happens on the internet.

    The problem, he says, is that the marketingsocial (mostly), draws on both unidirectional mediosdecomunicaciÃ_n ideade old. His theory is reforzÃ_por ScottGalloway marketing professor Sternde dela School of Business University of New York, which citÃ_un study by the institution where it is demonstrated that the empresasinteligentesestánen line, and therefore, it is more likely to achieve a good result in marketing.

    Despite the research that yielded data, there is still a host of companies that have decided not to enter the social networks and already, do not know how to handle them. Maybe it's a matter of generational gap, or siemplemente time to change the perspective we have of social media.

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