Complete list of Fast food restaurants in Lahore

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I'm visiting Lahore, for my friend’s birthday. I really want to surprise her with an amazing fast food dinner. I need some good Fast food restaurants in Lahore that are Delicious, fancy, and somewhat affordable.

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  1. Guest8072
    Here is the list of Fast food restaurants in Lahore: Bholli Fast Food and Restaurant +92-42-35840843, Al Falah Fried Chicken +92-42-36305919, AL-NAJAM FRIED CHICKEN (AFC) +92-42-37553511, Al Nakhal Arabian Restaurant +92-42-35754200, Amjad Foods +92-42-37634162.

  2. Guest4211


    Bamian Cuisine presented with a Gourmet Flair  and served in an Elegant and Casual Atmosphere for Very Reasonable Prices.

    First Time In Pakistan

    Special Khaimas(Tents) For Dinning In


    Home Made Roghni Nan

    Rajistani Cheese Tikka

    The Bamian Cheese Tikka contains cheese in it with special balochi sauces marginated with the chicken.Bamian's main courses include many varieties of grilled Kababs & Tikka's. Most dishes are accompanied with rice, special dipping sauces and of course Nan.

    Bamian Special Barbequed Wings


    Mobile number   0302-848-5830

    Address            1st km multan road,opp

    Rabbani Hospital near

    Metro Cash & Carry Exit.

  3. Guest6960

    Yupp Restaurant

    Yupp is known of its quality food and the enviournment especilly for couple dance of unmarried collage girls with boy freinds. I really found this place like a heaven. I suggest every youn man / girl to visit there with his /her freind and enjoy


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