Complete list of Villages in London United Kingdom

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Where can I find the list of Villages in London United Kingdom? Is there anyone who can tell me about the detailed information regarding complete list of Villages in London United Kingdom? Thank you in advance.

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     "London is all about wealthy tapestry of villages which are just waiting to be discovered. There you'll find abounding to glimpse and manage, from exclusive stores and bistros to fascinating localized galleries and museums. So get prepared to discover a new part of town!

    Lee Valley and Olympic Park

    Lee Valley in Stratford is large for families and sports

    Camden Town, London

    Vibrant Camden Town boasts melodies, markets and more!

    Wimbledon Village

    Wimbledon is one of London's very well liked villages

    Soho London

    A handy direct to Soho. Hotels, bars, musicals, theatre and more!

    South Bank and Waterloo

    Discover waterfront heritage, heritage and motivating architecture

    London's West End

    London's centre for theatres, visitors, inns and shopping


    Greenwich is a attractive and historic London area

    Covent Garden

    Shop, dine, stroll and be amused in Covent Garden

    Barnes Village

    Barnes is a little but flawlessly formed Thames-side village

    Highgate Village

    North London's Highgate Village has abounding of charm


    Southall, or Little India, is a alert and varied community

    South Kensington

    Kensington: inns, repositories, reserves, castles and more

    Westminster and St James

    This locality has the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the West End

    Regent's Canal

    For a dose of tranquillity, spend a day on Regent's Canal

    Canary Wharf and Docklands

    Sleek modernism and maritime annals coexist in this London area

    North London Arts Map

    Independent movies, edge theatres and more in North London"

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