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My brother is looking for hospitality jobs currently available in the market these days. He has completed his master’s degree from School of Hospitality Management. Please help us.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Hospitality Management is a kind of occupation that involves hospitality to the client. Its examples are: hotels, restaurants, casinos, tourism, museums & galleries, parks and fairs, and many more.

    The unique aspect is offering services to the customers so that they would feel more comfortable and pleasant, wherever the service is presented.

    Below are some of the career opportunities in hospitality industry and their average salary ideas:

    • Hotel general manager, U.S. average salary: $149,456

    • Hotel clerk, U.S. National average salary: $19,710

    • Bellhop, U.S. average salary: $15,995

    • Meeting and convention planner, U.S. average salary: $60,245

    • Concierge, U.S. average salary: $16,262

    • Maitre d’, U.S. average salary: $28,000 - $45,000

    • Executive chef, U.S. average salary: $46,206

    • Reservation ticket agent, U.S. average salary: $27,750"

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