Concept of copyright in Islam?

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Concept of copyright in Islam?

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  1. GiGi
    Is it haram (forbidden) to violate copyright laws?

    Look at it this way, Islamically if I buy something, it is mine. The manufacturer, sales folks, etc, have no right over it in any way or to charge me. It is my property, no one elses.

    According to western law, and now many laws worldwide, of copyright, if I buy a CD, software, book, etc., the author or manufacturer/producers, have authority to limit my use of MY property AFTER the sale even in the privacy of my own home!

    In the case of intellectual knowledge, charging for knowledge, education and the susequent establishment of copyright is a very recent thing (last hundred years plus). Prior to this, among the Greek, Persian, Islamic, and Roman empires, knowledge was free, universities, schools, etc were free insititutions.

    Islamically knowledge isnt limited for only those with the money to purchase it, be it a book, CD, Software, University or School. Knowledge is for everyone equally, rich or poor.

  2. Guest6059
    copyrights apply to commercial not private use. In other words you can make all the copies you want of that cd for your own use. If you sell them to the public you are stealing the authors rights.
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