Conover Cable Piano - age & price. Serial # 382165

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Serial # 382165

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  1. Guest3330
    i have found a conover #9492 and wondering about value price?

  2. Guest4105
    I have a Conover Cable piano from approximately 1960.  It had originally a blonde finish and was refinished in 1978 to look like oak.  It is 38" high and 57" Length.  The serial number is 345602.  There are 8 chipped keys.  What would the value be?
  3. Guest1149

    I have a Conover and Cable company Piano with an Alcoa aluminum plate.  we are not sure about ythe age. the number on it is 314134

  4. Guest4526

    What is the value of our Conover and Cable piano with serial number of 314134?

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