Consolidated Yukeno Mines Limited. We have certificate shares in Yukeno Mines Limited. President

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We have certificate shares in Yukeno Mines Limited. President was Harry W. Darling. Dates are April 1950. Does anyone have any info.

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  1. Guest8203
    We have found stock certificates for Yukeno Mines do we find out info on this?

  2. Guest7160
    my brother  and i have shares  in yukeno mines limited
    feb 10, 1952
    harry w darling     president and w mckee secretary
    pleas advise  if  these  are  worth  anything...
  3. Guest9727

    I have found a stock certificate for 100 shares of Yukon Galena Hill Mines Limited dated 2948. There is also a letter to shareholders saying that shares can be exchanged for half as many  shares of Consolidated Yukon Mines Limited dated 1951. The stock apparently was not transferred. Anyone know if these have any value?

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