Cooked food left out overnight

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Cooked food left out overnight

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  1. Jesica ethan
    Hi there.
    Here is the answer to your question.
    We group foods into two broad categories to determine safety, potentially hazardous, and non-potentially hazardous.  In general, cooked foods, whether they are meats, vegetables, pasta, or even fruits are potentially hazardous.  A potentially hazardous food without the proper temperature control (left at room temperature overnight) can support the growth of bacteria, either naturally occurring in the environment (your kitchen), or specific to that food (salmonella from chicken).  

    Exceptions are foods that are very dry; bread, beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts.  Or foods that have a very low pH; tomato sauces, bbq sauce, etc.  

    Any potentially hazardous food left between 41 and 135 degrees for more than 4 hours should be discarded.

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