CrossRoad outlets in Pakistan

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In which cities of Pakistan CrossRoad have its outlets. Does someone knows about it please share it with me.

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    "CrossRoads came in alive in the winters of 2002.Since then it only has been topping up the immense vacuum in Pakistani geared up to wear boulevard wear clothing. It was famous for its large assortment of sweaters at the start but now it’s a brand label giving a total assortment of casual western clothes for both men and women, retaining its steps in allignment with the high-speed, ever growing global trends. Crossroads has innumerable outlets all over Pakistan and anfascinating item is that bulk of its outlets are right adjacent Outfitters; its archrival. So if you are in Lahore, Islamabad or Karachi, you can depart to your adjacent CrossRoads outlet and shop till you drop. Currently in 13 habitation of Pakistan with 35 outlets, its developing and has yet more to go. The charge of this funktastic warehouse may look like a bit too much to some population with cardigans, uppers and sweaters charge at Rs.1300 and above. The pouches, principallyclutches, though greatly gorgeous and very fragile, are a bit over charge at Rs.1500 and above. The tee garments even so are rationally charge at Rs.600 and atop and at times, even worse than that. The innovative creations and funkyclothing are just what you want for that casual yet charming view at pass over roads.

    Following are the branches of Crossroad in Pakistan:

    1. Lahore:

    H-block defence

    Karim Block

    PACE, Link Road

    PACE, Gulberg

    Fotress Stadium

    2. Karachi:


    3. Islamabad:

    City Center, Jinnah Super

    Blue Area

    4. Rawalpindi:

    Arbab Arcade, Adamjee Road"

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