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I’m writing an article so I need to know current openings at SIC Singapore? As we all know that shortage of jobs is a problem of every common man now a days.

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    Current openings at SIC Singapore are: Academic Positions
    SIC requires the following full-time academic staff. Applicants should have a first degree and a Masters. Preference will be given to applicants with a a minimum of two years teaching experience.
    Logistics & Supply Chain Management
    Mathematics & Statitics
    Please e-mail a detailed CV to
    Teaching Assistants / Tutors
    Candidates with only a first degree in the above subjects are invited to apply for Teaching Assistant/Tutors positions. The duties for this position include conducting lectures and tutorials, developing courseware and materials for degree and diplomas.
    Please e-mail a detailed CV to
    Law Coordinator / Manager
    Candidates applying for this post must have legal background.
    Please e-mail a detailed CV to
    Admin Staff
    'O' level / 'A' level with 1 year experience.
    Able to work in a team and independently.
    Please e-mail a detailed CV to
    Marketing Executives
    Poly Diploma / Degree holders.
    Bilingual, has telemarketing / sales experience with minimum of 1 year experience.
    Please e-mail a detailed CV to

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