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I am searching for the details about the job description of customer sales representative. Actually my younger sister is planning to opt for this career. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Customer sales representatives can pursue in a variety of fields for example pharmaceuticals, insurance and retail. Many sales agents work on the basis of every day, every week and monthly goals and some get bonus on their selling’s. Here are the obligations and responsibilities of clientele sales representative:

    Sales Careers use to report online that despite of the firm, sales representatives play a significant part in a company’s success. A sales agent is accountable for profiting a customer's concern in the goods and a protecting good number of sales. Working in the direction of goals, sales representatives display clients’ goods and interpret features. Most of the time in a day may be spent on traveling to see the customers and purchasers, amend the records of purchaser information and conceiving new lead databases for further usage."

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