DO u know Justin Biebers real Email Address

by Guest497  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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DO u know Justin Biebers real Email Address

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  1. Guest8839  thats his real e mail adress

  2. Guest4754
    i want to know
  3. Guest4492
    I wish i knew! Are you sure it is , that seems like you have put his name in the front? If it is please comment and say! Thanks people! Iluu JB x
  4. Guest3813 is his email! i know for sure i talked to him there!


  5. Guest6795

    hey guys non of these msn addys are real...i have it but its privet he only gives it to friends and family sorry i cant give it out ... he has a fan email feel free at add him he tries to get on as much as he can.. thanks-Missy Bieber-xoxo

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