Dada Haathi's predictions about Pakistan-India semifinal of world cup 2011.

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I want to know if Dada Haathi has made any predictions about Pakistan and India World Cup 2011 semi final match?

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  1. Guest2887

    So far it has not been any predictions made by Dada Haathi on Pakistan-India world cup 2011 semi-final match. In case if there would be any predictions made it would be kept as a secret as there are too many extremists in India who would set themselves to kill poor Dada Haathi for instance if Pakistan comes out to be a winner on prediction.  


  2. Guest4605

    yes on 11 55 pm on 29th march as shown on cnbc pakistan , dada hathi has predicted pakistan as thw winner !!!!!

    Pakistan zindabad !!!!!

  3. Guest4191

    Dada hathi predict that Pak will win ,

  4. Guest1734

    o good oye.o bally bally shawa shawa :)

    inshallah pak will win.ha sab ki duain han PAK key sath.yessssssss

  5. Guest4384

    Inshallah the predication of dada hathi will come true & Pak will not only beat India but also will be the champs of cricket world cup 2011.

  6. Guest6820

     Jo Flag Dada Hathi k left pay ho ga Dada Hathi ussi ki trf jaye ga

  7. Guest1654

    Pakistan Will Win Inshallah Allah-o-Akbar


  8. Guest243

    dada hathi ko kuch nahi pata yaar bas tuka marta hai


  9. Guest7470

     See dada hathi can't be true. These are assumptions made by the bookies to raise the bet money and they were more then successful in their aim. 

    And on the other hand dada hathi would have spoken the truth but Pakistani team made it false and that's all.  
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