Deadly weathers...

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What is more deadly avalanche,snow storm,hurricane,or tsunami?

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  1. Guest6347
    I think that you cant just name one of these disasters as most deadly. Each one takes a toll on different things. Avalanches can bury people, homes, cars, and animals.

    Snow storms cause severe cold, can knock out power, dirty the water supply, and can make driving very dangerous.

    Hurricanes cause power outages, dangerous flying and driving conditions, and winds from hurricanes can blow people away and throw things around, making them deadly projectiles.

    Tsunamis are also dangerous since they can cause drownings, power outages, low food suply, unsafe drinking water, and can carry people, animals, and property away.

    As you can see, all disasters are dangerous and you must do all that you can to stay safe in any kind of weather.

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