Debbie Reynolds tribute to Elizabeth Taylor.

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I heard in a news that Debbie Reynolds is going to pay a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. Can someone tell me the details?

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    Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, who has died at 79, will receive well-deserved tributes from friends, movie channels and show-business news programs.

    Debbie Reynolds is talking to “Access Hollywood.” The interview airs at 7:30 tonight on WESH-Channel 2. Reynolds’ husband Eddie Fisher left her for Taylor, a scandal that gripped the nation in the late 1950s.

    Reynolds says, “I spoke to her like two weeks ago, and I said, ‘Getting old is really s—.’ That’s what I said and she said, ‘It certainly is, it certainly is, Debbie, this is really tough.’ I said, ‘Well, you just hang in there now, Elizabeth,’ and she said, ‘I’m really trying, I’m really trying.’”

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