Del Potro to upset Nadal

by Guest6890  |  9 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Sure Nadal hasn’t confirmed his place in the semifinal yet, but if he makes it, can Juan Martin del Potro upset the Spaniard’s attempts to complete a career Grand Slam at the US Open?

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  1. Guest7228
    Nadal has a 4-2 advantage over del Potro in their career match-ups, but del Potro has been Victorian over Rafa both times the pair have met in 2009. Ominously for Nadal, both these matches were on hard courts. With the Nadal/Gonzalez quarterfinal delayed due to the weather, de Potro will also have the advantage of extra recovery time than his semifinal opponent. And that might be just enough to sway the outcome in his favour.

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