Derek Jeter gets 2998 hits still 2 left to get 3000

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My friend is looking for the details about the news of Derek Jeter to make 3000 hits. I just provided some information about it to him but he wants the complete details. So someone please give complete details of the news. Thanks

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    Derek Jeter kept wavering, from the first throw to the last out. Eager to make annals and put the hoopla behind him, Jeter rapidly doubled for his 2,998th career hit. That was all he got Thursday evening as he grounded out the next four times up in the New York Yankees' 5-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.

    Jeter moved at all 11 hits he got from starter Jeff Niemann and reliever Kyle Farnsworth while going 1 for 5. Jeter strikes a liner to left-center area on the first throw he saw of the evening, and tapped a slow bouncer to end the evening. Niemann (4-4) absolutely was a familiar face. Two years before, Jeter got three strikes in a game off the right-hander to bind the Yankees' vocation strike record set by Lou Gehrig. Jeter is set to become the 28th major leaguer to reach 3,000 strikes and the first while playing for the Yankees. The Hall of Fame is full of Bronx Bombers, but neither Babe Ruth neither Joe DiMaggio neither Mickey Mantle neither Gehrig strike this mark.

    Rays manager Joe Maddon counted himself amidst Jeter's numerous fans. A couple of hours before game time, Jeter was inquired what recommendations he'd gotten about trying to come to the hallowed mark. The 37 year old captain said a couple of teammates stated the milestone as the day progressed, but not too many. Jeter's mom and father were in the gathering of 47,787 barracking when he came up in the first inning. The followers stood and chanted each time he batted after that, and numerous flowed in the direction of the aisles after he grounded out to end the seventh. His last grounder completed off the Yankees' fourth decrease in five games, dropping them underneath Boston and out of the AL East lead.

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