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I have a question regarding designing a menu page for my restaurant.  I am creating a menu page and I need some really good ideas for it. I would really appreciate if everyone could please share their ideas for menu page design.

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    The most important feature for any successful restaurant business is the Restaurant menu design. The layout of the Menu design is infact the visualization of the restaurant itself. This is because it reveals the unique branding image of the restaurant over the competitors. It very much depends upon the designers, as they should try to make a good first positive impression while designing restaurant website and menus. The targeted customer is the most important thing to consider while designing restaurant menu, as it includes the audience and demographics that will be offered menu meals. In order to make greater readability and order process effortless, the menu design layout should be well organized, clear and concise.

    The menu design layout should be outlined in a way that should reflect the style or concept of the restaurant like some tips & ideas for designing an effective restaurant menu given below.

    • Compare yourself with your competitors by studying their menu style, price range for meals & dishes

    • Organize your menu meals to get an edge over competitions

    • The menu should be designed in a clear layout for better readability, ensuring that the font is big enough to read by all aged people easily.

    • A hierarchical way to make better user experiences is Group menu items, which is a conventional grouping may put appetizers together, then soups & salads and entrees followed by desserts

    • The top right and middle section of the menu page are the good places to include your most popular and expensive menu items as people usually look there.

    • The menu design color to be chosen should be the one that reflects the concept of your restaurant’s offering. For an elegant and passionate one, you can consider using high-quality paper and black-and-white writing on a leather-pad back. If your restaurant concept is festive, more colors may be included to the menu.

    • Consider embedding attractive photographs of those dishes to get an idea, if your restaurant offers tribal or ethnic foods that may be unfamiliar,

    • The theme should be such that it creates the dining experience at your restaurant

    • After a reasonable time changes should be made in the menu by taking note of the dishes that sell well and consider rearranging them for best appealing.

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