Detail of opportunities to start business in Wanganui New Zealand

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I am a new migrant in NZ, now I am planning to start my business, my friend advice me to start business in Wanganui New Zealand, need some details.

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  1. Guest520
    Wanganui’s cost structure is one of the most competitive in the NZ and below that of the main metropolitan areas. If constructing a commercial building, purchasing an existing building or leasing commercial premises, pricing is extremely competitive. There are many opportunities to start a business in Wanganui, New Zealand. Whether it be a ‘green fields’ operation or making use of an existing built infrastructure, there is scope for a variety of industry operations.
    Other options are to purchase property or to lease commercial and industrial premises. There are good quality premises for lease in most areas of the city and these are generally available at a more favorable rate than equivalent premises in metropolitan areas. The Wanganui District Council’s policy is to actively promote the development of industry in the District. There are a number of areas being zoned as suitable for industrial development and acceptable for industrial use under the Wanganui District Plan.

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