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Is there anyone who can tell me the average salary of a fashion designer? I am planning to pursue my career as a fashion designer, so please help.

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  1. Jennifer

    "During May 2010, according to the statistics the average yearly salary for fashion designers is reported as $74,440. The minimum 10 percent of earners had a mean yearly salary of $32,500, the middle 50 percent acquired $64,530 on mean every year, and the mean yearly salary of the maximum 10 percent was $130,890. Best paying businesses encompassed wholesale electrical devices markets and brokers and agencies, video and motion image businesses, merchant wholesalers for various long-lasting items, and footwear makers.

    Brands, part items, and apparel vendors wholesalers had the largest business work level. Cut and stitch apparel makers and focused design services were within the other businesses that comprised peak employers. Footwear corporations, apparel manufacturing mills, and the expert design services business had high attentions of business in fashion design."

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