Details about HITEC Taxila.

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Looking for the detail about the HIT education city Taxila. Someone please tell me about HIT education city Taxila.

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    HITEC University has been  believed  as a part of HIT Education City (HITEC). The  town  has  currently  established instructional programmes at school and  school  levels. The  major   target  of  informative  programmes has been the  groundwork  of youth who could catalyze a well  intertwine   humanity  with accumulation of  affirmative   communal  capital. As a part of the  identical   dream  HIT has  attempted  the task of  setting up  a high  value  higher  learning   organization  in the  title  of HITEC University. This has become imperative in  outlook  of the  increasing  frontiers of  information  which have  initiated   strong   international   affray  in  financial  development. Since HIT itself is  engaged  in high  grade   output  of  mechanism  and  gear,  it is all the more  essential  that it  obtains   study  support from a  information   developing   organization  for  enhancement,   discovery  and development. The  suggested  University is  probable  to fulfill this role.

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