Details about New Zealand food and wine

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I am a new migrant in NZ; I want to know some information about New Zealand food and wines, so that I can try those during my stay here.

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    New Zealand's 'Pacific Rim' cuisine style takes its inspiration from regions and countries such as Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Polynesia, Japan and Vietnam. This unique blend of influences has created a mouth-watering range of flavors and food available from cafes and restaurants nationwide. For dishes that have a distinctly New Zealand style look out for lamb, pork and venison; salmon, crayfish, Bluff oysters, paua (abalone), mussels and scallops; kumara (sweet potato); kiwifruit and tamarillo; and pavlova, our national dessert, made from meringue and lashings of fresh whipped cream topped with fresh fruit or berries.
    While the main centers support a few elegant, silver-service restaurants, the trend is towards more relaxed cafe-bar dining. There is a wide variety of international food available including Japanese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai. There are more than 900 Asian restaurants throughout New Zealand. While you are here, take the opportunity to discover more about New Zealand wines. Country’s white wines, particularly Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, have achieved an international reputation for excellence!

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