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I am experiencing red spot and itching on the skin of my both arms from the last three of four days. Is it eczema or something else, please tell me some details about eczema skin condition.

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  1. Daniel Phil

     "Eczema is that kind of skin situation that form your skin to become red, annoyed, itchy, and many times it cause tiny, fluid-filled bumps that evolve into moist and ooze.

    Eczema has been divided into numerous groups, but atopic eczema has often been seen in people in very severe conditions. Experts don't understand precisely how atopic eczema forms in a person, but they believe it could be a distinction in the way a person's immune system’s reaction to many things.

    Eczema isn't catchy disease like other communicable diseases, but most persons with eczema can have this infection because other people in the family have this disorder. Doctors believe it's a family disease and transfuse through genes. Commonly, eczema is equitably widespread i.e. roughly 1 in 10 persons in the world will be influenced by it any time in their lives."

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