Details about franchise history of Sacramento Kings

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Hi, I am one of biggest fan of Sacramento Kings, I want to know about the franchise history of Sacramento Kings, could you help me, I need answer, Thanks.

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     The franchise that would become the Sacramento Kings at first began in the city of Rochester, New York, as the Rochester Royals of the National Basketball League. During the early 1920s, the team was a semi-pro group sponsored by a local Seagram's distillery.The team was famous as the Rochester Seagrams for over two decades. Pro basketball 1920–1940 folded several strictly pro operations, but the sponsored Seagrams stayed afloat as others fell by the wayside during the Great Depression. Under the supervision of Hall Of Famer Les Harrison, the team developed in talent, hosted many better competitions, and became a greater local treasure as years went by. At the end of World War II, the National Basketball League was returning to victory after waiting out the War Years. It was looking to add victorious operations to its circuit, and Rochester was a natural participant. The team had replaced its name to the Rochester Pros, and migrated to the 4500-seat Edgerton Sports Arena in 1942. Victories for the Royals were almost immediate. In 1945 the team was developed by owner Hall of Famer and his brother Jack Harrison and they won the NBL championship in 1945–46, its very first year in the circuit. During 1948, the Royals moved to the Basketball Association of America along with the Fort Wayne Pistons, Minneapolis Lakers, and Indianapolis Jets. After one year the BAA merged with the remaining NBL teams to become the National Basketball Association.

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