Details about laser acne removal

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One of my friends has a severe acne problem and she is searching for some good details about laser acne removal. Please help us in detail. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Laser surgery is a treatment for acne which has been benefiting for many years to decrease the acne marks on the face, despite of this there has been a research on lasers for avoidance of acne development itself. The laser is utilized to make one of the below mentioned results:

    • It destroys the hair root from which the hair grows

    • It destroys the sebaceous gland, which produces the oil

    • It use to encourage the establishment of oxygen in the bacteria, preventing them

    Although, lasers and strong pulsed light causes may form thermal impairment to the skin, there are anxieties that laser or strong pulsed lightweight treatments for acne will induce hyper pigmented marks or origin long-run dryness of the skin."

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