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What does Amex India refers to and why it is popular? I am a bit confused about the fact that is it a company, a product, a brand name, or a place. My friend told me that Amex India is some kind of a service but I am keen to know what sort of service it is. Can anyone explain it to me please?

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    Amex India is a credit card service provider. You can relish the advantages of it you can enjoy the advantages of online purchase over the Internet. The Amex India borrowing business card fee online facility is fast, befitting and very efficient. Not only it enables you to be adept to yield borrowing business card account furthermore you will be adept to organize every facet of your borrowing business card this way. The electrical devices payment system is the engaged person’s key to guaranteeing that their account is habitually paid on time!

    American Express India (or as it is occasionally called, Amex India) is a constituent of the National Electronic Funds transfer (NEFT) network. It groups up the Amex India credit business card fee online service and permits payments to be debited from any bank account that is established in the country. Amex credit business cards payments that are made through the NEFT network and it does not come with a greatest or a smallest limit. In alignment to use this service although your economic organization should be a part of the general NEFT network.

    To use the Amex India credit business card fee online scheme one needs to be login first to the Net Banking facility and list your Amex borrowing business card which is utilized as a beneficiary. If you have no Net Banking account presently you can still use the scheme for online payments.


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