Details on overview of shopping and dining at Changi Singapore

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My mom has to fly for Singapore. She wants some details on overview of shopping and dining at Changi Singapore.

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    A destination in itself, Singapore Changi Airport is well known for its trademark comfort and efficiency. From duty-free shopping to dining and more, the airport’s diverse range of facilities and services surprises even the most sophisticated modern-day air passengers.

    The shopping and dining options at Singapore Changi Airport are divided into two main areas across all four terminals – Airside Area (within transit) and Landside Area (public area). The Airside Area is past immigration clearance and is accessible to all travellers and transit passengers. The landside area is prior to immigration clearance and is accessible to travellers, transit passengers with relevant visa requirements, meeters and greeters, as well as members of public. Click here for an overview of tender locations.

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