Detecting a haunted place?

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I have great interest in old places and used to visit old places whenever I get vacations. My friend told me that old places are haunted and specially those ones where no one lives or near old grave yards. I am wondering that how I can know that this place is haunted or not. I need opinion and discussions of you people.

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  1. Guest9359
    I have some experience of judging haunted places and these are the things which are best for detecting any place haunted or not. Keep your ears open and try to listen for strange noises. Howls, footsteps, creaking you know dang well is not from the old stairs settling, and shutters that bang against the house with no wind could all be signs of a spirit lurking. A telltale one is human voices or a bloodcurdling scream when nobody else is home.

  2. Guest2103
    I have little information in this matter which I personally experience here things what I know, be aware of sudden, cold chills. If you are simply standing or sitting around and are hit with an icy, sudden chill that leaves as suddenly as it arrives, a ghost may have just walked through you, you lucky duck.
  3. Guest9837
    I think what I going to tell you will be help and what you need. Beware if you are seeing things. Seeing an actual ghost, of course, would kind of be a dead giveaway, pun intended, that the place is haunted. Ghosts don’t always take the shape of humans. You may note a ghost by seeing hazy, dull apparitions or swirls of smoke. Bring a pet in. Animals have very acute senses and, many are convinced, can actually see ghosts that are invisible to us. Take your dog for a stroll inside the place and gauge his reaction. Not every animal will pick up on the supernatural, but you may be surprised how many do. A pet that refuses to enter a certain room or refuses to budge from a hiding place beneath the bed could indicate ghosts in your midst. Find out the place’s history. Reading up on the area and talking to locals are grand ways to weed out any glorious ghost stories. Maybe the place used to be owned by a woman who got mad if anyone else visited. The land could have been the site of a burial ground. Perhaps a man was murdered or hung himself in the attic. Restless souls, like those whose life were taken before their time or those who will never be content, are prone to stick around and haunt things.
  4. Guest5979
    It depends upon how good you are at observing, so note if your things are moved around. If your memory is good then it is easy to detect that place is haunted or not. Some ghosts like to play games, like hiding your car keys, messing around with knickknacks or even rearranging furniture. They can do pretty much anything, you know. Keep an eye out for items that have been moved that you know for sure were not touched by you, your visitors or the housekeeper.
  5. Guest8327
    These are some tips which I know I didn’t use them because I am afraid of haunted places. Try to spend the night. Ghosts, ghouls and spirits prefer the darkness of night for their activities. If at all possible, spend a night in the place to gauge if it’s haunted. Even if it’s a public place, you may get permission from the city if you promise to write a report the town can keep in its archives.
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