Did Manny Pacquiao win easily over Clottey

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I am a big fan of Manny Pacquiao and want to know that Manny Pacquiao win easily over clottey. Can someone tell me a review on it?

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    While majority boxing enthusiast predict that pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao shall have a difficult brawl against prior world hero Joshua Clottey in Pacquiao’s first defense of his WBO welterweight name, the trainer whoever handled Pacquiao as shortly as he won his first world name believes Pacquiao shall win easily. Clottey can go twelve circles with Manny. He’s a difficult kid but he’s not a tall puncher however he might be stronger than Pacquiao physically but he’s not stronger punch-wise.

    Pacquiao whoever is scheduled to originate sparring on Thursday went through his regular routine at the Wild Card Gym of trainer Freddie Roach however the evil climate in Los Angeles has relatively interfered with his jogging. Clottey  who final labored with Kotey in 2004 was reportedly relieved that Kotey whoever was originally refused a revival of his visa until the US embassy in Accra, Ghana tested several things,    will come in New York on Friday afterwards which Clottey and his team shall retire for their training camp in Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

    Clottey’s administrator Vinny Scolpino as phrase Godwin is a very legendary trainer in Ghana and this is the trainer Joshua has been inviting to prepare for Pacquiao.  It shall be Godwin whoever puts jointly our game plan. Clottey sooner split with trainer Kwame Asante whoever handled him for the Miguel Cotto brawl chasing a challenge across the trainer’s pay.


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